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Authenticity Guaranteed 100% 


The most common worry when shopping for a luxury good online is, 
how do I know if this item is real or fake? 
This is a major concern for most buyers and we surely can understand how you feel. 
When you are paying some price for a luxury good, 
it is normal to like to ensure its authenticity! 

We’re here to put your worries to rest, 
and ensure that everything on our shop is 100% authentic. (100% !!! )

Poring over every detail to ensure the item’s authenticity, 
our in-house experts perform a thorough inspection of all our items before it is available online, 
and also assisted in the authentication process 
by third party authenticators and experts who often specialize in Chanel, and Hermes.

We regard the authentication process very seriously, 
because if we made mistake in differentiating between authentic and counterfeit items, 
our license o deal with second-hand high ends brand should be suspended by Japanese gorvernment. 
Also, we would like to do any efforts just to put your mind at ease, 
we offer a 100% refund, including the cost of return shipping,
 in the event of the sale of an inauthentic item, ( which has never been possible before ) 
Rest assured, when you shop with us, y
ou can be confident that you are purchasing a quality, genuine high-ends item.

We encourage you to contact us anytime to discuss any questions or concerns 
you may have regarding the authenticity of our products. 
We would be hornored to help and comminucate anytime.

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