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The sexiest man in the world, Pharrell Williams wears chanel ファレルのシャネルの着こなし

Posted on 12 April 2017

why not by a man?

The Super star, genius  jaw-dropping gorgeous Pharrell Williams is now the first man to represent a Chanel bag in the history of the brand!!

 The most sexiest man in the world , wears perfectly the jacket jacket! 

 we see that how elegant and intelligent he is, and cant think of any other guy who  represent CHANEL more perfectly than him! 


---From his interview---

“Gabrielle went against the grain whenever she felt like it,”

“If she liked something, then that’s what she would design. There were no real rules for her. The black jacket was based on a bellhop’s jacket, so when I put it on and I liked it, Karl [Lagerfeld] was, like, ‘Actually…’ And he told me the story.

There’s a lot of that — a lot of her bending the rules whenever she felt like it.”


 chanel tweed jacket dress シャネル ツイード ジャケット shopping 格安


 chanel jacket tweed シャネル ジャケット ワンピース ツイード 洋服 セール








一瞬で knock out ですね。; ) 





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