Chanel black jacket is a "must"/ ミランダの定番シャネルジャケット

Chanel black jacket is a "must"/ ミランダの定番シャネルジャケット





 chanel tweed black jacket







Its pretty sure that  black was the predominant color on the fall runways of every top brands, but I always wear a lot of it almost all year around! 

Black goes with pretty much EVERY THING!!!

the Chanel BLACK jacket is the perfect transitional piece. Since Coco first designed it in 1924 and with Karl lagarfield’s updated trimmings like silver buttons and braided beads,

it’s not only sophisticated but it’s also damn cool and sexy!

(The metal thin chain on the silk lining of the jacket was Coco’s idea and it weights the hem so that it hangs perfectly on womens' bodies.)

As they say that we will be able to wear the CHANEL  jacket  at least 10 years, I still enjoy wearing Chanel jackets which I bought  a decade ago.

No color fading and No out of shape , nor out of fashion!

Simply , it is a really good investment! ;)

Check Here out! 


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