About how to get the alteration of CHANEL jackets and dresses!

Key Points to Consider When Altering Chanel Clothing

Tips for alteration of CHANEL jackets 

In cases of significant size alterations, such as 3 sizes up or down, the boutique may refuse to accept the request.

We sometimes receive inquiries about whether a 2 or 3-size up/down alteration is possible, but this largely depends on the technical capabilities of the boutique and the seam allowance of the item.

Let us show you the example of our experienced repeat customers who knows well about how to get the best alteration.

They usually do not wait for their specific size when it comes to rare items. Instead, they tend to purchase a different size immediately and have it altered. In such cases, when they purchase from us, they would inquire us, "How many centimeters is the seam allowance?" in order to make sure if its possible to get the alteration or not.

Knowing the seam allowance of the item is important for you to let it altered both in Chanel boutiques and local alteration shops.

At our shop, we not only confirm the seam allowance but also the number of seam lines, and happy to let you know them as you request.


And also, It's important to understand that even garments of the same size can vary significantly in actual ideal measurements depending on individual body shapes.

Therefore, please understand that it is not possible for us to provide a "YES or NO " answer regarding to the question of " is it possible to get a 2〜3 size up/ down alteration". Only we can do is to provide the correct seam allowance of the items and you have to ask them with the info.

If you are considering alterations, please feel free to contact us.

[Please Note]
There are some items such as thick coats or velvet items where the seam allowance width cannot be confirmed.


Tips for alteration of CHANEL jackets ②

One thing I want everyone to understand here...

While most of you are like, "Well, that is obviously understandable..." and get it easily, there are about 1 in 100 customers (maybe even fewer) who had a bit of trouble to understand.

*This is a story about a customer who had some trouble before.

After purchasing from our store, a customer came back two months later wanting to return something, and it was a bit of a hassle.

The reason she wanted to return was...

"I don't like the white lace, so I asked the boutique to change it to black lace for alterations, but they said it's difficult.
They said they can alter the size, so I know it's genuine.
However, I decided to buy it based on the page saying 'alterations possible,'
so now I know that I can't change it to my taste, so please accept to return it." 😱

Now... it had already been two months since the purchase, so it was a problem.

So, let me add a bit more clarification here.

When we say our products can be altered at the boutique, it doesn't mean we guarantee alterations based on personal preferences, design alterations, availability of liked buttons, etc.

It's more about the authenticity of our products being accepted for alterations, not a guarantee of altering according to your every wish.

Also, for vintage items or those that have aged, the availability of exactly the same buttons, tweed, or linings for alterations can vary based on the piece and sewing methods, so it's not a 100% guarantee.

Please be aware that the guarantee doesn't mean alterations will be done exactly as you wish. Different boutiques in various countries have different policies, so it's recommended to communicate in detail, provide photos, describe the age and features, etc., before visiting a boutique.

There are various reasons why Chanel boutiques may refuse alterations. In the past, I've had people from Hong Kong and France ask before purchasing, "If the size tag is cut off, my local boutique might refuse alterations, so I want to check if the tag is there."

In other words, depending on the country, Chanel boutiques might refuse alterations if the brand's black tag, size tag, material tag, etc., are cut off.

Please understand that besides being fake, there are many other reasons why alterations might be refused.

(As an extra note, even if a Chanel boutique refuses alterations, I've had many experiences where a nearby skilled alteration shop could do it as requested.)

For approximate prices and timelines when getting alterations at a boutique, it's best to visit a Chanel boutique in person rather than calling, as you'll get the most accurate information and possibly other helpful details.




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