Buy Now, Because Chanel Price Increase!!

Price increases for the big brands all seem to be hitting around the same time this year!!   Price of Chanel bag is also increasing,

Along with the news of the price increase, there is also this rumor that production of the brand’s classic bags is going to decrease, which means some of the most sough-after classic bags, including the highly coveted Quilted Boy Bags!!

However, this rumor is only a rumor at a moment,  but the sure thing is decreasing of the price will NOT be happening..  (Damn!) Rumors around price increases can differ greatly during the lead-up, but it is almost a certainty that an increase of some sort is coming. If you’ve had your eye on a piece and been thinking of buying, now’s the time.

So its quite a wise choice to buy Vintages, which are quite reasonable.

I also  will be enjoying my "vintage" bags  until the big fashion houses realize they are cutting off a large part of their customer base . There are plenty of great reasonably  priced vintage bags out here! ; )


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