We are very strict about checking the size measurements,
cuz we dont take returns due to our sad past experience( some ladies returned after wearing a few times and let them get stained...

since then we have not accepted any returns.

I know you are not that kind of a person,
But When inspected by a professional standard,
it is very difficult for the product to be in exactly the same condition as when it left us and when it came back from the customer.

We take care of even the slightest differences, such as the slightest lining pulls, perfume or humidity, extra, and accurately describe them on the page.
We strive to ensure that our products go through ONE LESS person before they finally reach the person who bought them, so that the condition can be the same as the one we wrote on the item page.

And plus, we don't know what happens on the way back to us..
We have to pay HUGE attention to everything that can happen, such as natural disasters such as heavy rain and physical damage, a missing case on the way back by the shipping company, or getting stuck in the custom traffic, extra..

Anyway, We think CHANEL clothes are so precious that they deserve them. . .
In this way, we are very grateful that our repeat customers feel very at ease when they want to choose something, and think, ...

"Oh,, This store is very serious and trustworthy." 

and I would like you to be one of them 😊


Anyway in short, 

Please double check the actual measurements,  "NOT the TAG size" on the product page. 

(For Chanel clothes, even if the tag size is the same, there are larger or smaller sizes depending on the design.)

The actual measurements in our store are very accurate, please don't worry.


Some buyers don't check the actual size and condition listed on the product page and just jump on the photos. that is why we always let all the customers  make sure about the actual measurements on the page, 


here is how to measure↓




We do hope that you understand.🙏🏻 🙏🏻






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