【 Dear all international customers 】

Our store have 2 shipping option at the moment, by DHL and EMS
Please read the following and make your selection.

If you have already selected and paid for the DHL shipping cost, we will ship it by EMS for an additional fee of 4000 yen.


DHL Shipping

Flat rate:  7900 yen
・takes 3~7 days to reach
・Can pay the custom tax by Credit card

EMS Shipping

EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international express postal service offered by postal-administration.

Flat rate:  11900 yen
・takes 6~13 days to reach
・Can NOT pay the custom tax by Credit card, Cash only at the door.

【Q: Which custom duties is cheaper, DHL or EMS?】

Most of our Canadian customers and some other countries, always ask us to send by EMS (rather than DHL)
because the customs duties charged by DHL Canada are higher than EMS.
But we can't be 100% sure about this.
Actually tax amounts are always subject to change by customs staff.

So If you agree to this and would like to use EMS, please let us know and we are happy to send it to you via EMS.


【Q: Do you do Under-declaration for less custom taxes?】

Unfortunately our answer is NO..🙏🏻

We totally understand how you feel,
but Please note that no matter which shipping method you choose,

or no matter how many times a customer requests a lower amount,
we have to declare the same amount as the payment amount.

Because we are not a personal seller, but the company with the re-sell license issued by the Japanese Government.

But, some cities have a duty-free limit, and if the price of the purchased item exceeds that limit, customs duties are often imposed.
Since the duty free limit amount varies by city, the seller cannot confirm this,
so please check the customs page of your country 🙏🏻)

Good news is.. Items declared as 'Personal Use Only/Used Clothing' 
( because it is actually used/ personal use.! )
And that always tend to have the lowest tax rates,
so rest assured that we always declare them as such to ensure the lowest customs duties.

Thank you very much for your understanding.





【Why DHL needs me to provide ID? 】

Sometimes there is the case where the carrier ( DHL/ USPS) needs you to provide more information/ certification, when importing items into the United States.

If you are importing a high value item into the United States,
the shipping carrier may reach out to you directly for more information.
This is because U.S. Customs has asked the carrier to provide it with your tax ID number.
A tax ID number is typically a social security number , an employee ID number, or passport number, extra..

It's important to respond to the carrier's request promptly so that shipping is not delayed.
If U.S. Customs does not have the information it requested, the carrier will be unable to import the item.



【 海外のお住まいの方へ 】



【Q: どちらの方が 関税が安いですか 】

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