CHANEL 16A Black Gold Tweed Jacket 40 シャネル ブラック・ゴールド・ツイード・ジャケット

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Size: Type C: F40 Front Zipper Jacket 前ジッパー

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■2016 Fall Winter Collection



・Type A: 前ボタン・ジャケット(フォルダーなし)

・Type B: 前ボタン& ポケッフォルダージャケット(胸にレザーのスマートフォン・ポケット)

・Type C: 前ジッパー

27% Rayon, 26% Nylon, 21% Wool, 8% Cotton, 8% Acrylic, 8% Mohair, 2% Polyester; Lining 100% Silk; Combo 100% Silk 


Type B: ポケットフォルダーをお直しで取り除いたら、もっと素敵になりました!と










・Type B: Retail : $8000 + Tax

・Type C: Retail: $7,000 + Tax


Type A: 前ボタン・ジャケット【完売】 

Type B: 前ボタン& ポケッフォルダージャケット【完売】


Type C: 前ジッパー F40【取寄】
着用回数少なめ とても綺麗な状態 難なし







this AMAZING black and gold wool/cotton blend fantasy tweed jacket has a contemporary twist,

a chocolate braided lambskin leather iPhone/Smart Phone pocket at the breast.

Classic cut, it buttons down the front with CC logo signed buttons.

Fully silk lined, it has custom gold braid around the entire perimeter,

neckline and sleeves. Sleeves have the same CC buttons.

some clients made the pocket holder removed by a tailor and making  a phone holder by attaching a chain !! ; ) 


3 Type

・Type A: Front Button Jacket 

・Type B: Front Button with Pocket Folder Jacket 

・Type C: Front Zipper Jacket



■Type A: Front Button Jacket 

・Black and metallic gold

・dual slit pockets at hips

・gold-tone chain-link accent at interior hem

・Gripoix button closures at front

27% Viscose, 26% Polyamide, 21% Wool, 8% Acrylic, 8% Cotton, 8% Mohair, 2% Polyester; Trim 100% Lambskin; Lining 100% Silk 

Type A: Front Button Jacket : Sold out



Type B: Front Button with Pocket Folder Jacket 

Type B: Front Button with Pocket Folder Jacket  : Sold out



■Type C: Front Zipper Jacket  

・Black and gold-tone

・structured shoulders

・metallic threading

・dual zip pockets at hips

・gold-tone chain-link accent

・interior hem and zip closure at front


Type C: Front Zipper Jacket F40 : Excellent. Pre owned, but Almost no visible signs of wear.




F42 :B96  肩40 袖62 丈63