【Dear buyer who purchase from us for the first time】

【Dear buyer who purchase from us for the first time】

Thank you so much for your purchasing.

We’d appreciate it if you could answer these 2 questions to avoid any problems later)

 please email us back with your 2 answers.

This is our routine work for a buyer who purchase from us for the first time.
We thank you so much for your cooperation🙏


💗No1 ( about shipping address/ mobile phone number ) 

We will send you a separate email with the shipping address,
so please check it and let us know if it is correct.

If it is not a "mobile phone" number, please let us know.
DHL will often send an SMS to your mobile phone asking u to pay the customs duty using a link within it.
Therefore, it is safe to include your mobile No.


💗No2 ( about the custom tax)

pls let us know if u r ready to pay the customs duty in case you need to pay.

Each city or country may have a duty-free quota, ( pls check the country's customs page for details..cuz we cannot be sure about the custom tax rate nor a duty -free quota range of your country🙏🏻 )

Exceeding this range will be subject to customs duty, as the item page says.

But the tax rate of each country will always be the lowest as for  the item declared as "Personal Use only/Used Pre-owned Clothes”, and we always do so, in order to make the custom tax lowest for a buyer.


💗NO.3 ( about the size measurements)

Pls let us know if you confirm the measurements on the page

Some buyers don't check the actual size and condition listed on the page & jump on the photos.

In the past, there have been a few ppl who wanted to return the item cuz it was "too small/too big", but some ppl returned it after wearing it a few times,
or returned because she does not look good in it even if the item is exactly the same as the one at an item page,
and since then we haven’t accepted any returns.

So double check the actual measurements,  "NOT the TAG size" on the page. 

(For Chanel clothes, even if the tag size is the same, there are larger or smaller sizes depending on the design.)

The actual measurements in our page are very accurate, pls don't worry

And also please check all the information on the page( condition, pictures, extra..)


After receiving your reply to 3 questions, we’ll ship the item by DHL& inform you of the tracking No.

thank you very much!

TC japan


【About Custom】

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