CHANEL 09PF Gold knit Sweater Dress 38 シャネル 豪華なゴールド・ニット・セーター・ワンピース

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■2009 Pre Fall Collection



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・Made in Italy

・Gold-tone ゴールド

・55% Wool, 32% Rayon, 13% Polyester

・Retail : 48万円相当



F38【取寄】着用回数少なめ とても綺麗な状態 難なし



F40:B90 W76 H90 肩40 袖68 丈93


***** The last model image is the different design from the same chanel 2009 pre fall collection.*****

Super beautiful color and fantastic italian fabric!

its so perfect for a party , dinner or date.

Amazingly pretty, reflecting under the dinner table lightning.


Gold-tone Chanel long sleeve sweater dress with metallic fibers throughout

and rib knit trim at neck, sleeves and hem.

・Made in Italy


・55% Wool, 32% Rayon, 13% Polyester

・Very Stretchable


F38 : Excellent. Pre owned, but Almost no visible signs of wear.